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RR Express
Williamsport to Clearfield, Pennsylvania
Branch Lines of the NYC and PRR

A HiRail Model Railroad
Herb and Dagmar Lindsay




The Pennsylvania Railroad and New York Central are my favorite railroads. I

wanted to build a believable Hi-Rail layout representing the era of

railroading that featured both of these railroads in a 25-feet by 26-feet

area. The area between Williamsport, PA and Clearfield, PA had branch lines

of both railroads and was the area I selected to model. The time period is

1955 allowing for both steam and diesel locomotives. In keeping with the

area the layout has small to medium size steam locomotives (2-8-0, 2-8-2,

4-6-0, 4-6-2, and 4-6-4) were chosen. I have tried to make the layout as

close to scale as possible and thus I have elected not to use any

accessories. The layout was begun in 1974 and is now approximately 90%




This picture shows an overall view of Clearfield from the tracks entering

the town. The gathering thunder storm and the rest of the backdrop were

painted by my wife Dagmar. A Weaver PRR 2-8-2 freight is waiting on the

outbound track. The small round cylinders in the third rail are uncoupling



Looking down from the railroad bridge along Market Street, Clearfield can be

seen from the opposite direction. The street car runs on DC voltage with a

high frequency head light circuit that is on when the car is running or



A MTH PRR G5 4-6-0 # 5740 has arrived in Clearfield with the afternoon local

from Williamsport. The cars were built from Walters 60 foot coach kits using

Lionel passenger trucks.


The station in Williamsport is a relief building made from varying layers of

Masonite. A number of photographs of the station were used to determine its

size and shape. Dagmar painted all the station's detail as well as the

backdrop. Christmas decorations stay up year round. The weathered coal

hoppers in the foreground are from Weaver.


A Weaver RS3 with some extra details switches the industrial area of

Clearfield, PA. The coaling tower was built from a Suncoast kit.

Here's a Lackawanna railroad box car being spotted at Clearfield's

Lauderbach & Griest wholesale grocery.

This is a close-up image of the Lackawanna box car in front of a Korber

Model's kit with scratch built loading dock, dock roof and cooling tower.

Two Pennsy employees standing in front of the shed watch the evening's local

heading east past the Williamsport yard. The motive power is an MTH G5


Heading west the Pennsy local with three passenger cars has just passed

under the Williamsport's Popular Street bridge.