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RR Express
My layout is called the Pennsylvania & Western and runs around the walls of a 28x52 foot basement room.  It is designed so that prototype railroad operations can be duplicated.  To that end, the mainline is 5 scale miles long (550 feet) and there are a total of 20 staging tracks (most in a separate adjoining room) to provide a place for trains to come from and go to.  Feel free to visit my web site (http://www.pennwestrr.com/) for much more information.  
The Pennsylvania & Western recently expanded its coal service with the addition of a new heavy freight engine, class N1s, and a new order of hopper cars.  Below are three photos of the new cars rounding Horseshoe Curve on the way west to the mines. The quantity of cars required a shove from a pair of I1s "snappers".  The 30 drive wheels on those 3 locos made short work of that train!