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RR Express

The Railroad Express

Jake and Jim Bengert




1. This is the entrance to our train room. That signal is a Model #5 Autoflag from WRRS. Western Railroad Supply. It is fully restored with the original
relays for operation.







2. This town could be "Anywhere USA" It features a couple gas stations, movie
theatre, fire station, even an ice cream shop....a pretty busy neighborhood.






3. This scene was featured in OGR in 1998. The caboose is scratchbuilt from
wood. The crane rails and the rest of the dump bins are also scratchbuilt.
The cliffs are scratched out of Styrofoam.






4. That trolley station is Crossroads Junction. The Bowser trolley always
carries a full load. The station is modeled after an original in Auburn






5. Back in town, the local Sinclair gas station has just picked up another
stranded tourist. They will get right on the repairs to get him back on the road.

It is also nice to have the Fire station right next to the Gas station.












6. We run a TMCC layout with two 135w. on each mainline. I use IC controls
for my throttle control. Our layout room is 42ft x20ft. We have minimum 6ft.
diameter curves, and regularly pull 45ft of cars. We love to have visitors so
give us a call.