Following are a lot of pictures of the progress made on my layout since April of 2000. The entire batch will require over 5 minutes to load at 28,800. Use your browser's back button to return.

The first few pictures are of a horseshoe curve in the new mountain area. I decided to hire professional help for this area and chose Dave Cardiff.  I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome and professional work from Dave. First, I was able to turn this project over to him and have him come up with the ideas. His design is far more extensive then mine would have been.  Second, it was a huge shot in the arm to have such a major area finished in a short period of time.  As good as the Mountains look they dwarf the size of the trains making them look very realistic as they roll past.  I have used Dave for some other areas of the layout and as mentioned above, I am very pleased with his work and particularly his work ethic. He gives you what you pay for.

This is the coal mine area. A Joint effort of Dave Cardiff and Joe Slezinger

Note: The retaining wall above is made out of Masonite to simulate a concrete wall. This is the switchback lead for the coal mine and not the normal parking place for the Pioneer Zephyr.

The following pictures are of the new residential area of the layout.  As you can see by the overall view the area is in the back of the industrial area and connectrd via the road to the retail area.