Finished Mine area with retaining wall for the water tower.

More Trees

This is Denver with a Junction to the branch line to Cheyenne or a continuation to the West end of the Railroad. Notice the rack for the hand helds. the main control panel will be in this area. The back plane is to the left and you can just see the auxiliary node in the upper right of the photo

Another View

The back plane for the computer controlled dispatching panel.

The current node, fully loaded. This will be kept and be an auxiliary to the new node.

We tried to blend this scene into the mountain meadow. The branch line track, to Cheyenne, crosses over the top of the main line coming into Denver.

From the other side.

My favorite shot, you should see what this looks like with Choochoocam

The new signal bridges, Kline 21" California Zephyr, and Corner Drug Store.

Brass custom built Burlington signal bridge

Triangle Drugs with lighting

Street Lights

The MTH oil derrick painted and weathered.  Makes a nice model after painting and burying the base.